The Crowning Event – From Another’s Perspective…

Thank you for revisiting our MDP blog! In the last couple of blogs I shared about our blessing ceremony that concluded the “Still His Princess“ class that I attended. This month we get to hear from Vicki Wafer as she gives the perspective of a “Becoming a Modern Day Princess” class leader AND of her own participation in a different SHP class. Vicki writes:

couple 3-bThe young ladies in my group were 7th-12th grades and together we learned to believe, hope we saw God answer prayers, forge friendships, and heal relationships. What a beautiful time it was. In the last session when they were practicing what they were going to share at the Celebration, the older girls told the younger how much they envied them that they received this information and training at such a young age. Perhaps they wouldn’t have to make the mistakes they made, and the younger ladies found they had mentors and friends to look to and learn from.

The Crowning Event at the end of the study is the Blessing Ceremony and it is something so special you must experience it at least once. In the group I led there was a young woman who had a father who was a heroin addict and a stepfather who was a believer. She was torn between the two and didn’t know who to ask to bless her. Her stepfather who is a wonderful man of God stepped in and asked her father to join him in blessing her. The stepfather even helped the father put together his blessing. At our Blessing Ceremony she had her two fathers whom she loved and respected bless her. It was a very special moment in time, and not a dry eye in the room.

My experience in leading a group of young women in their journey toward God, back to engaging and connecting with their families, in learning to walk by faith and not emotion, in seeking to learn and understand who they are and their purpose, was like listening to a wonderful orchestra playing an amazing symphony with each session intensifying and escalating until the last crescendo. We learned to laugh, to pray, to cry, to trust, to turn away from that which is not pleasing to God, and to turn toward what does please God.

When Doreen and Kara wrote the Still His Princess curriculum and offered the first class, it was a given that I would be a participant and I jumped at the opportunity. The journey was full of surprises. The cards of affirmation offered confirmation and enabled me to hear things about myself that were very empowering and affirming. The personality profile still leaves me wanting to be someone else, but accepting who God created me to be is a part of the process! The session I enjoyed most was the one about legacy. Legacy and destiny are precious and I will always hold dear the truths I learned about my legacy and destiny because now I know royalty always leaves a legacy.

My Father blessed me at our Blessing Ceremony, he was 77 years old and He adores me just like my Heavenly Father does. Just the fact that he thought of me, that he took time to say what he saw and sees in me, how proud he is of me and how much he loves me is something I will always hold near and dear. My father has dementia now and he couldn’t bless me now if he wanted to, so I will be forever grateful for my blessing from my daddy.

I guess if I had to sum it all up, BMDP ministry has helped define my past, present and future. It has given me opportunity for ministry, wonderful friendships and an assurance of my legacy and destiny.

What wonderful insights from Vicki! Stay tuned to learn more about Vicki and her BMDP leadership experiences in next month’s blog…

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