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Seek and Find

I Corinthians 12  Now about the spiritual gifts…There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.  To each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good…

In our last blog I shared that the timing of my attendance in the “Still His Princess-Becoming the Bride,” class, coincided with a very stormy season in my life that included relationship challenges, mindset changes, and spiritual trials.  In October’s blog I shared about the relationship aspect. Yet, I was still wrestling with what my purpose really is as a Christian. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was searching for, but I did know I just needed to keep feeding my hunger to learn all I could about God and The Bible.

I was in what I call “Sponge Mode.” I was gathering lots of information through church service, reading, small group, and various classes at church.  In the sea of information, one particular topic that continued to resurface was Spiritual Gifts.  Thus far I had gleaned two nuggets of truth:

·      We are blessed with a gift to be a blessing

·      Gifts are meant to be given away, so don’t hoard them.

I felt convicted and anxious, because I really had no clue what my gifts were and if I was using them.   I feared I must have been hoarding my gifts, having no idea what I should be giving away.  I continued to seek and then…

…God led me to participate in the Still His Princess class this past summer, where I found my answer!  I was amazed when I discovered that the topic for Session 7 was about Spiritual Gifts!  Our class led by, Doreen Hanna, coordinated an activity where we each chose three people we trusted to write notes to us regarding character traits they admired in us.  I read out loud these words of my trusted friends to the group, and Doreen immediately recognized and pointed out to me that these sweet notes clearly described My Spiritual Gifts of Administration, Faith and Exhortation. That was an absolutely JOY moment! It helped me to realize that God had been working through me using my gifts and He still is.

This activity, the teaching, and the transparent discussions with our lovely group of women, helped me process and refocus on various key topics like this. Just getting one piece of the puzzle to confidently fit makes many others start to come together.

Praise God for using the Still His Princess class to reveal more and more of His goodness in my life.

2 Peter 1:8  The more you grow like this, the more productive and useful you will be in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We would love to have you post your comments about how God has used this ministry to work in your life as a leader or a participant.


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