Love One Another

John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

Thank you for revisiting the Modern Day Princess blog! In a past blog I wrote about the special relationships formed between MDP class participants.  In addition, I’ve heard several stories of the ripple effect the ministry has in touching other relationships as well. I have one of these stories of my own to share. 

Great director and leadersAt the start of the MDP class I attended, we were notified that there would be a Blessing Ceremony at the end of the class series. As a send off from the class, we would select a significant man in our life to give a blessing over us.  I must confess, I did have some anxiety about who would do this for me.  I did warn one of one of my family members way ahead of time that the event was coming, and requested that he give my blessing there.

During this same time period, God had placed me in the loving company of the Joe family.  I had met Mr. Joe through another class I was taking at our church.  At that time I was pretty new to the church, so Mr. Joe quickly introduced me to his wife and two teenage children.   The Joe family welcomed me to several meals and their family events.  It had been such a blessing getting to know them all, and observing how their family unit functions.  I could immediately feel the obvious love they all have for God and each other overflowing to all those they encounter, including me.

My MDP class had almost run it’s course and the Blessing Ceremony was near.  We were informed that we should invite our family and friends to attend the Blessing Ceremony, so naturally I invited the Joe family.  They were excited for me and wanted to know all about it.  I described the ceremony format and Mr. Joe asked who was going to give the blessing for me.  I told him I wasn’t totally sure yet, but had some options.  Without skipping a beat Mr. Joe stepped up and said he “would be more than willing” to do it.

As it turned out, my family member could not attend, and before I even had time to fret, I was sitting at the dinner table with Mr. Joe and his lovely wife.  They spent hours getting to know all the details of my spiritual journey, which I even hadn’t fully pieced together myself at the time.  I know they investing lots of time and prayer into getting it just right.

The Blessing Ceremony arrived. Mr. Joe spoke a very special blessing over me.  The whole Joe family was there along with a few close friends, not only for the ceremony, but for a whole day and evening of celebrating.  Now THAT was some divine orchestration, and I felt so special and loved!

I know there are many more stories out there like this.  Please share your experiences with us!


  1. Tara, thank you for sharing, reading your blog reminded me the way the Lord works in each of the lives of the young ladies and women who desire to be blessed by a man they admire and respect. He provides words of affirmation that are so very important to each of us. I think you were doubly blessed to have a family, a man whom you respected to bless you, I am sure like me you experienced God’s blessing upon your life.

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