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Introducing Our First MDPrincess Blog and It’s Author – Tara K.

From Doreen Greetings everyone, it is my privilege to introduce you to Tara K.  I love a great story, don’t you?  To preface hers, let me just say that she is an answer to our prayers – a faith filled woman who has the gift of writing to facilitate our new venture at Modern Day Princess Headquarters, a blog for women.  I am confident that she is going to be a blessing to YOU too.  Therefore let this blog begin!

TaraWhat an honor to be called a blessing.  Thanks so much, Doreen.

OK, to initiate OUR relationship via this blog, my desire is to cultivate and invite encouraging and faith sharpening experiences as WE share between us.  I cannot wait to read and see how God uses this blog to move in our lives together.

I will be first to share my story~  It was Fall 2011, at age 34, when I finally committed to ‘Walk the Walk’ and was ALL IN with God.  I begin with this, because really that is the point when the true excitement of LIFE began!  Up until that point, I would describe my faith as “one foot in, and one foot out”.  I was born and raised in a suburb of Denver, Colorado.  In my late twenties I moved to the beaches of southern California where I had no close ties at the time.  I realize now that this prepared my heart for the most valuable of all relationships, those with Jesus and a Church family.

Initially it was a roller-coaster ride that would take me on the highs of a pivotal relationship with a man I loved dearly, and had all intentions to marry and love forever.  However, our faith journeys diverged and I saw that we were unequally yoked. This brought the ride to its deepest low when I had to make the excruciating choice to leave the relationship.

Thankfully, as promised, God ultimately worked the situation for good and I learned to cling to Jesus to fill the huge emptiness I felt.  Even as I write this today, tears well up, because I now realize that this was a powerful blessing in trial form.

A desire to help others was put heavily on my heart.   I wanted to share what I had learned. I surrendered this to God, hoping He would use me to be a blessing to others through their heartbreaks.

Shortly thereafter, I was led to King’s Harbor Church, and discovered their loving women’s ministry.  One evening Doreen spoke and I learned of the Modern Day Princess ministry.  My heart quickened and I looked for volunteer opportunities on the website, but found none.  Several months passed and then I saw in the church bulletin that a class titled, “Still His Princess ~ Becoming the Bride,” was being offered by Doreen Hanna. I thought, what better way to learn how to serve through this ministry than to actually be involved in a class.  From the first session to the last blessings abounded on so many levels!

I hope that you will stay tuned to read about some of those blessings because more is to come in future postings as we share together about the treasures found in healthy key relationships, our spiritual gifts (placed in us to bless others), and great testimonies of God’s goodness in our lives.

Until then… May you see the blessings of the Lord in your life today!





  1. As a relatively new MDP Rep, I am asking for prayer from the pack of you. Julie Hayes and I are doing a Leadership Training Class in Coldwater, MI, Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, at the Coldwater Church of the Nazarene. Their Pastor, Bob Tharp, has a heart for the young boys that matches ours for the girls, so he will be instructing men mentors on the Becoming a Modern Day Knight book, at the same time. As we reach out together, to impact the lives of so many teens, I have to take time out to have shoulder surgery! Need to stay mentally alert and focused, as well as physically on-target, for recruiting Leaders for the girls’ class. Need your prayers that God will fill all those gaps! Thanks!!!

  2. I’m grateful to God that I bought and read Doreen and Pam’s book on Raising a Modern Day Princess in April this year and my story has never been the same. Much as I wanted to understand why my daughter was behaving in a particular way and to know what to do, I now desire that other teenage girls would undertake this class too. Our class in Ghana started on the 24th of October with nine girls including three with Moslem backgrounds, and I’m thankful to God, Doreen and the entire Treasured Celebrations team for training me for this ministry. I feel fulfilled!

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