I was honored to have met a man of good character not long ago…

Welcome back to the Modern Day Princess blog. At the beginning of the year we posted about the importance of having godly men in our lives, and the strong influence their example can have. I’d like to share a personal story that serves as a real life example.

Earlier this year I attended a fundraising event for the Modern Day Princess ministry. I had the opportunity to sit at a table with Doreen, the founder, and her husband, Chad. I had heard much about him, but this was the first time I had met him. We had ample time to chat, so I was asking a bunch of questions like what are your favorite things to do? What are your hobbies? Etc. In just a couple hours, a few things were clear about this man, his transparent and friendly character, his love for his family and his love and support for his wife.

I knew he had recently been in the hospital, so I let him know I had been praying for him and was glad to see he was doing better. He thanked me and proceeded to tell me of his ailment, hospital experience, fears and gratefulness. Even having JUST met me, he was willing to share how it was. I thought, wow this is helpful, now I know how better and more specifically to pray for him. We also talked about movies, as he said he had been watching more of them lately. We got into a conversation about movie ratings and movie content. Here it was clear his concern and care for his family, in particular his grandchildren, and his intention to watch over and participate in training them up.

As the event continued with an auction, you could see how excited he was for his wife and her ministry, as he cheered with loud excitement at every bid. The event was a success and he had a big smile on his face the whole time. Then, my favorite part, I asked him what his hobbies were and with great joy and zero hesitation he said, “My Honey-Do List”.
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Just five weeks later Chad went home to be with the Lord. On April 27th, I was able to attend the Celebration of Chad’s life. The respect and appreciation from his family was obvious in their words and affections. It was also quite evident that Chad was a loyal and true friend and that began to become quite evident and comical as man after man stated, “He was my best friend!” As Pastor Chris closed the service he provided a picture that will cause us to remember when Chad comes to mind. Because Chad was a strong support who encouraged others to grow and flourish, he was like a trellis for a flourishing vine.

The qualities repeatedly highlighted by all the speakers that day, celebrating Chad’s life, were qualities that shined through in just the couple hour snap shot I witnessed of him. It was inspiring for me to see the strong influence and example he was as a friend, husband, and grandfather, and just who he was as he lived life one day at a time.

Chad’s Video Montague

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