How and when MDP began!

This was an article written a few years ago that I updated today to share with those who may have not heard about how it all began:

In 1999, God revealed to Doreen Hanna, the creator of the Becoming a Modern Day Princess program, the need in our Christian culture to guide our teenage girls in their steps to womanhood.

She began immediately implementing the program in her own church. Then offered the program to other denominational churches in her local community.  Due to her affiliation with Women of Faith she also had interest generated across the US very quickly.

In 2002 she was invited to Focus on the Family to meet with other leaders in the Christian community to discuss the rising interest in a rite-of-passage for our teens.  This powerfully confirmed she was meeting a “felt need,” for our teen girls today.

By 2003 Doreen begin training facilitators to carry out the program in their sphere of influences, such as their churches, schools, home-groups and other faith-based organization

Treasured Celebrations Ministries the non-profit covering for Modern Day Princess. They received their exemption status on August 11,2005 officially becoming a 501-C-3  in the state of California.

The same year Doreen and her husband Chad moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Soon thereafter, she was requested by the State of New Mexico to create a community-based program “Today’s Modern Day Princess,” that could be implemented by state sponsored organizations.

She immediately went to work and received approval from the Children’s Youth and Family Department of NM  It has been implemented in recovery home for at-risk girls as well as other state and community programs .  Partnerships have developed with Youth for Christ in Canada, The Salvation Army, and the Department of Children & Family Services both in New Mexico and California.

In  2005 Treasured Celebrations was embraced by Julie Hayes, who quickly became our  Canadian representative. State representatives and leaders began to increase throughout the United States. Today, there are representatives internationally.

In 2008 a book contract was offered by Focus on the Family/Tyndale Publishing, This brought greater visibility of this valued program to reach thousands of families across our country when it was released in January 2010.  Raising a Modern Day Princess was co-authored with Doreen by Pam Farrel.

To date the program has been implemented in every state in the nation and in 24 countries across the world.

Next blog… A success story of a girl who never thought she’d participate in the MDP program and how it miraculously changed her life.

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Doreen Hanna, Founder & President



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