Modern Day Princess (MDP) Ministries is expanding beyond our dreams, as we continue to reach across the world through women like you! Today, God is putting a passion in the hearts of women within the USA and around the world to be representatives in their communities, states, provinces and countries!

These women begin by:

  1. Equipping teen girls to step gracefully and boldly into young womanhood as they lead the Becoming a Modern Day Princess program.
  2. Empowering women, of any age, with renewed hope and confidence using the Still His Princess program.
  3. Sharing this life-impacting ministry with church leaders (for youth and women’s ministries), and also leadership within homeschool and local community organizations using the Community-based Today’s Modern Day Princess program.

Below is a the current list of our active Representatives and their contact information if you are looking for someone in your local area.

If you don’t see one close to you, Contact us at our MDP Headquarters so that we may assist you. OR, could it be that YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO BE OUR NEWEST REPRESENTATIVE?! For more info about the what it means to become a representative please contact our founder, Doreen Hanna, directly. We are praying daily for all of our representatives and leaders as they reach beyond their comfort zones and seek to fulfill their call to become women of influence for the Kingdom through MDP ministries.


group1New~Leadership Training WebinarThis is an opportunity you don’t want to miss as you prepare to implement the Becoming a Modern Day Princess program in your home, church or ministry.

This On-Line Leadership Training Webinar includes a downloadable copy of the Becoming a Modern Day Princess Leader’s Guide and the Becoming a Modern Day Princess Journal. This will enable you to be empowered and equipped to take your girls on a life-impacting journey into young womanhood. It will also provide you tips and successful insights on how to create a memorable crowning celebration ceremony. This webinar is facilitated by Doreen Hanna, the Founder & President of Modern Day Princess Headquarters.

Downloadable Files & Cost for the 2 Hour Seminar: $99  

Our Newsletter will keep you informed about the next training seminar. If you have further questions, please email us at: 




  1. Hi, I would like to do the Modern Day Princess with my daughter. What exactly do I need to order? Do I need just the leader guide and the journal for her? I’m not sure if the leader guide is for a group only or I can use it alone.
    Thank you for your help!
    Ryan Rosete

    1. Please forgive us if we never responded to your request here on the blog! I hope that you communicated with us through one of our other avenues, like! I would like to speak with you personally if you would like to still do this with you daughter. Here is a number where I, Doreen Hanna, can be reached 310-533-9053. Praying we can connect!

  2. Do you have a leader/representative in Bowling Green, KY? Today I found your website for the first time, and would love to have my 3 teen daughters do the study!

    1. Emma, please forgive us for not responding to your post here on our blog! Have you possibly contacted us through one of our other avenues? Please feel free to call me directly, Doreen Hanna at 310-533-9053 and I would love to speak with you about a Representative in Bowling Green KY!

      1. Author

        Emma, if you have tried to call me. I will return your call this week. Life here at MDP has been over the top due to lack of present help in the office.
        If you’d like to provide me with your phone # I will call you. Joyfully yours, Doreen

  3. Hello.
    I last wrote to you on May 2, but have yet to hear back from you. I am hoping you will reply soon, as I can assure you that my query is legitimate. I am simply a homeschooling mother seeking to help other homeschoolers.

    My original query contained important background information about my reason for writing, so please refer back to that if you’d like. For the sake of brevity today, though, I will simply copy my original questions below. I hope you might reply within the next couple of days:

    1. Have you already altered any of your materials for the purpose of aligning with the Common Core Standards (CCS)/Next Generation Science Standards (NexGen)/College, Career and Civic Life Standards (C3)? If so, which materials? And what, specifically, have you changed?
    2. Do you have future plans to alter your materials – in large or small ways – in order to align with the CCS/NexGen/C3? If so, which materials and what changes do you plan to make? When will you make the changes?
    3. Have you chosen to advertise any correlations between your materials and the CCS/NexGen/C3 even if you haven’t changed any content in the process?
    4. Do you incorporate materials from other vendors into your program? If so, which companies?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Most sincerely,
    Tina Hollenbeck or
    The Homeschool Resource Roadmap

  4. Hi Doreen! Rose (Jackson)Hunter here. Jessica Hook,the pastor’s wife at Aspire Church Tucson is interested in doing a program for the girls at Aspire. Is it possible to do a weekend retreat format for the program? I don’t know if you still have my phone number. I have yours still from Glorietta, so could we talk about this possibility? Blessings! Rose

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