Commitment, Confirmation, Community

Last month we heard BMDP leader Vicki Wafer’s perspective on the Blessing Ceremony that concludes each class.   This month we hear more about Vicki and her experiences leading a group of young ladies through the BMDP class. Vicki writes:

IMG_2006I met Doreen in 2008 at a benefit where she introduced the ministry to the community.  Her enthusiasm and love for the youth touched my heart and gave me hope.  I had been involved in young women’s ministry for about 15 years, but now I was in a season without any ministry. I was looking for an opportunity to be used by God again and felt this would be a wonderful ministry to offer my church.  I saw God’s hand upon this ministry and I wanted to be a part of what He was doing.

I led my first group of young ladies through the BMDP study in 2009.  The Lord used this study to impact me and our church in many ways.  First it was through Commitment – I committed to the 10 week study and to do just what I was asking the girls to commit to do.   I committed to prayer, because if you have ministered to teens you know prayer is essential.  Just the questions they ask will keep you on your knees begging God to speak through you and give you wisdom.  I committed to love the girls unconditionally, accepting them just as they are.  I committed myself to the Lord in a way that I hadn’t before, because now I was desperate for Him to work in their lives.

As I committed everything to Him in prayer, I received Confirmation of my gifting from God.  The Lord, my pastor and most importantly the girls, confirmed my gift of leadership and God’s blessing on this ministry.  I received confirmation that this ministry is one that I am called to, and He confirmed the anointing He has on this ministry and its leaders.

As I Committed and He Confirmed, I also received Community from the BMDP leaders.  If you have an opportunity to attend a Leadership Conference with these amazing women, take it.  Don’t let anything keep you from joining in as they seek to empower you, bless and share with you all they have learned.  It is an amazing community of women that God has brought together under the leadership of Doreen. They are funny and full of laughter and joy.  They are full of the Holy Spirit, will pray over you and with you, they are gracious, and love to share with you all that they know. I have received camaraderie, strength, friendship, fellowship and unconditional love from this community of women God has called together under the banner of BMDP.

All this to say, if you are thinking of leading a group through the Becoming a Modern Day Princess Program, DO IT!  The help, the resources, the value to your church, community and the young women that God will bring to you will be amazing.   I am sure, that just like me, you too will be committed, receive confirmation and find community.  I know you will bless so many young ladies who are looking for godly leadership and want women to speak into their lives.

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