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Welcome to the Modern Day Princess site as we participate in the CAN (Christian Authors Network) Catch-Us-if-You-CAN Hunt! Welcome to the Catch Us if you CAN Stop #17!

We are honored to present Sarah Sundin.
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Sarah is the author of five historical novels, including On Distant Shores. In 2011, Sarah received the Writer of the Year Award at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Sarah lives in northern California with her husband and three children. When she isn’t ferrying kids to tennis and karate, she works on-call as a hospital pharmacist and teaches Sunday school and women’s Bible studies. You can find her at:


On Distant Shores Blurb:
During WWII, homesick flight nurse Lt. Georgie Taylor arrives in Sicily and strikes up a friendship with Sgt. John Hutchinson, who longs to become one of the Army’s first pharmacy officers. When Georgie and Hutch’s lives back home fall apart, can they weather the hurt and betrayal? Or will the pressures of war destroy the fragile connection they’ve made?

Sarah, why did you decide to write a series about World War II flight nurses?

When I was researching Army nursing for another novel, I kept reading bits about the flight nurses, and what I read fascinated me. Before World War II, there were no flight nurses, and many within the Army Air Force and the Medical Corps were opposed to the idea. These women flew in unmarked cargo planes that were legitimate targets for the enemy, and they often flew close to enemy lines, occasionally loading patients under fire! Also, physicians did not accompany them on the flights, so they had to make medical decisions and treat emergencies—a revolutionary role for nurses (and women) at the time. They were very brave and pioneering women, and I wanted to honor what they did.

What was your favorite part of researching On Distant Shores?

I was blessed to be able to visit Italy on a combination research trip and family vacation, thanks to my husband’s frequent flyer miles. We were able to see the typical tourist spots like Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Pompeii—some of which figured into the stories. But we also visited the landing beaches at Salerno and Anzio. I was able to feel the sand beneath my toes, smell the air, and listen to the cicadas. Those were wonderful details to add to the book—and made history feel all the more real to me.

Did anything funny happen in the research process?

Before we went to Italy, I learned some Italian, using “Learn Italian While You Drive!” CDs, so I was able to order food and get directions and ask if I could use a credit card. Well, none of the tourist books or any of my WWII resources listed a WWII museum in Anzio, but while driving through town we saw a sign for “Museo dello Sbarco di Anzio.” Bingo! It was a tiny room in a natural history museum, crammed full of artifacts. The docent was delightful—but he spoke about as much English as I did Italian. Somehow I managed to communicate that I was writing a novel about a hospital on the Anzio beachhead, and he was thrilled. He showed me all sorts of things—but the miscommunications were hysterical.

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  1. What a true Blessing this is for families and much needed in todays world.

  2. Your book, Raising a Modern Day Princess, really intrigues me. It’s a ministry that would have a big impact in the community on Ometepe Island where we minister in Nicaragua.

  3. I love all things having to do with Italy. I’m half Irish. And was hoping that when I found my birth father that his heritage would have descended from Italy. It doesn’t as far as any of his family knows anyway.

  4. Doreen Hanna, your topics pique my interest very much… Even your interview was full of interesting details that made me want to know more… I am sure your books do the same. Thank you for such an enjoyable interview. 🙂 Nice to “meet” you. 🙂

  5. I am enjoying the scavenger hunt and love your site, inspiring young women to be modern day princesses!

  6. Hello Sarah. I have With Every Letter. Would love to win more. My brother, 2 brother-in-laws, cousins, and many friends in WW ll so I’m always interested in hearing more about it. Maxie

  7. Hi Doreen and Sarah! I’m so excited to have heard more about your books! Doreen, your Raising a Modern Day Princess book was something I needed when I was a teen – I probably would have taken a completely different road in my life than I did! Oh well…it’s made me to I am today – a late-blooming princess!! I am soooo glad this book is available for young ladies today!

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